Scarlet-X Red Camera Rental

If you are in need of renting RED's new cinema camera Scarlet-X you have come to the right place.

Gentz studios is a great place to rent out the Scarlet X with a camera operator or camera technician. Gentz Studios of Fresno cares about your production needs and Quality. With our experties in RED Cameras and HD Video, we will guide you through every step of the way. Gentz Studios staff has superior knowledge here in the Fresno in the Scarlet-X RED camera Workflow. Our passion is to provide our customers with the highest quality video production and RED Camera Services in the Central Valley.

We have Competitive Rates, Expertise in the RED workflow, and Passion for Cinema and Motion Picture Cameras like the Scarlet-X.

Scarlet-X wit Canon Lens

RED Scarlet Camera Rental Option

RED's Scarlet X Camera shoots in Ultra High Definition
The cutting edge Scarlet-X S35 sensor gives your project the quality and film look of 35mm film and the clarity of raw digital video. The RED workflow is unmatched in price for performance.

One huge feature of Scarlet-X is that its shoots natively REDCODE RAW. REDCODE from the Scarlet-X is a manageable and widely accepted format and workflow in the film industry. the Scarlet-X opens up a world of opportunities for any production.

Fresno Scarlet Rental

Scarlet X Rental Package

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