About Gentz Studios

I am Kyle Gentz and this is my passion. If I’m not behind a camera shooting, or in my studio editing and designing, then I’m likely at the theater! My career in film and design isn’t just a business, it’s a creative pastime that I thoroughly enjoy.

I founded Gentz Studios after years of experience as a camera operator, graphics designer, and editor. My staff is a terrific team of like-minded friends that share my same ideals. I am confident that Gentz Studios is the most personal, high-quality option for film production and graphic design in the Central Valley. Capturing my client's vision and producing media that people find attractive, innovative, and unparalleled... that is what Gentz Studios is all about.


Kyle Gentz
Director of Photography / Editor

Benjamin Venegas
Director / Writer

David Werner
Sound Technician / Key Grip

Lisa Gentz
Project Manager / Accounting

Gentz Studios | Give Life to You Project | Professional Video Production in Fresno California