About Scarlet-X

Scarlet-X has ability to capture 5K REDCODE RAW stills and 4K motion, this resolution itself is dominant in the RED family. Scarlet-X is a flexible system being able to use interchangeable lens mounts, HDRx, REDCODE RAW gives you an abundant amount of opportunities for your video production. Qualities found it the finest of cinema grade cameras equipment now have been brought to the Scarlet-X.

RED's Scarlet Camera shooting in 4K allows you to have printable stills for your production and can translate into a print project if needed. No matter if you are finishing for a feature film, or shooting an HD Commercial, or a Web Series, 4K gives you unparalleled options in post like color correction finishing. Scarlet-X REDCODE RAW files will give you the ultimate freedom and control over your video production.

Scarlet-x Specs

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RED accessories and modules allow you to configure your camera to adapt and fit every shoot. RED provide software such as REDCINE-X PRO. This provides you with an abundance of integrated tools to import, finish, and export your images all within minutes. Offload your media using one of our REDSTATIONS and process your images with familiar grading modules and filters. REDCINE-X PRO hosts an array of advanced features such as HDRx control and an integrated timeline to help you finish successfully. Take advantage of RAW potential with REDCINE-X PRO.